ABU DLC Scholarship Scheme Officially Up and Running

By February 26, 2019Announcements

Following the successful accreditation and launch of six e-learning degree programmes covering both undergraduate and postgraduate education, the Ahmadu Bello University Distance Learning Center (ABU DLC) has now introduced a scholarship scheme to assist students of various ages in getting their degree 100% online.

The scheme is in line with our commitment to extend our reach beyond our physical location to accommodate Nigeria’s growing student population by providing quality education without bias to religion, sex or social standing.

The scholarship scheme was necessitated by the fact that despite our programmes being run on a pay-per-course structure to further increase the convenience of financing them, due to economic factors, a lot of prospective students are unable to undertake the programmes and in turn, hampering their potential for personal development and career advancement.

The terms of the scheme are simple: As a sponsor, you will be required to bear the cost of the minimum number of courses to be taken by as many students as you choose to support, and nothing more. Beneficiaries will be required to pay their acceptance and miscellaneous fees, as well as the cost of their remaining courses for the semester on their own. The minimum registrable courses, as well as course costs, differ based on the programme being undertaken, with the MBA requiring at least 4 courses, while all other programmes require at least 5 courses to be taken per semester.

In addition, Benefactors get to exercise a degree of control over the use of their donations as they get to set the criteria for selecting its direct beneficiaries. The costs of sponsoring a student for each programme for a semester are listed below:

MBA      =N=80,000

PGDE    =N=100,000

BNSc     =N=80,000

B.Sc       =N=75,000

So far, a number of lucky students have benefitted from the scheme, and the number is expected to increase steadily over the coming months. To find out how to either be a Sponsor or a Beneficiary of this scheme, please send an email to admissions@abudlc.edu.ng