How we handle distance learning

By May 17, 2015Announcements

We have made our distance learning programme easy and accessible to you anywhere you are in the world.


The VigiTab is a portable device (tablet) that houses the mobile LMS and course content. An integral part of our VigiLearn solution is the provision of customized tablets to students in the eLearning program. The purpose of the tablets is to allow access to the Learning Management System (LMS). We have also taken into consideration the infrastructural challenges in Africa, such as power and bandwidth; hence the Vigitab has over 10-hours battery life. In addition, the tablets are designed with a dual mode function that allows students access to lecture materials whether they are online or offline – meaning that students do not require the internet to view their lectures.


VigiDrive is just like any other flash drive which saves and stores your important files with its nifty 32GB storage. It is a plug and play device that requires no installation on your computer. Your VigiDrive can be connected to either your android phone using the micro USB port or to your computer using USB 3.0 port.
Vigidrives are only compatible with some devices. Please visit to check for device compatibility to guide your decision.

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